Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fulya Rant Time! - Subject: Flash Carts

I get it, okay! Under normal usage, flashcarts are indeed illegal. Please also know that I do have...slightly illegal things(okay, very illegal) on my cart. Yeah, okay, point taken.

What about people who use them for games such as...umm...well, Tetris DX, Pokemon Gen 1, or Pokemon Pinball? What about people whose only way of playing imports is to NOT shell out $25+ EXTRA, PLUS insanely high shipping costs? What about the people who cannot afford to pay $100+ for old, out-of-print games or whose older systems have died? What about them?
What about the people who used their flashcart to BACK UP data from games that are in extreme danger due to battery acid leaks? What about them?


Yes, I just had two of my prize Pokemon die due to a battery acid leak. Poor Tropic the lvl 26 Tropius and Swamper the 36 Swampert, who took down the Hoenn Elite Four almost by themselves(the rest were heal-time-buyers), who survived a massive, world-burying flash-flood only to be grabbed at the last minute(almost lost the game down a storm drain), whose cart I "lost" at boarding school, only to find them being sold by the person in line in front of me at the last EB games in New England(who actually believed you if you said a game was yours and could tell them your Hall of Fame team[Tropius, Swampert, Kyogre, Breloom, Ninetails, N/A]...), the game I spent money to have someone back up for me...BRICKED! And it's not the cart. The data on the SD itself is locked down. I was really slow about putting that data on my new computer because I thought it was safe enough...and now not only is the cart useless(yay extra microSD cards!), but all that data...two gyms from the Elite in Red, my poor precious ONLY! Hall of Fame team, quite a few high scores in some non-NA-releases, all my progress in Tales of Phantasia (S?)NES version...all my hard work in one of the SMB re-releases for GBA, and half a game done of FF6.

It's not right! Some of us use flashcarts because we REALLY don't want to re-buy games and/or shell out a lot of money for old, out-of-print, or non-localised games.

I understand why it's done...I just don't get what makes it seem RIGHT to these people, these companies.
Any thoughts?