Monday, October 29, 2012

As for my name

This serves as my intro.
So what's up with the name, and what's that text at the top? FULYA_ANSUL_SOL=HYMME
First we must go to the game Ar Tonelico
Reyvateils are bio-mech girls who can sing and interface with the Tower at the center of the world to produce various effects like explosions, freezing someone, etc.
Magic. Song magic.
These Towers, there are three, require an Admin, a Reyvateil who does not age, does not die.
Shurelia, admin of the first Tower, Ar Tonelico, has said many times in her game that she has seen too much, seen the world change in the greatest ways....and the worst.
Similar things have been said by the other two admins, Frelia and Tyria.
The Origins, for that is what the Admins are called, are named after Norse gods.
Eoria(Shurelia) is the only one that's REALLY hard to get, she's Eir.
Tyria and Fureria(Frelia's straight transliteration)
Tyr and Freya
So I took the name of a Norse god and modified it, Fulya
The way a Tower knows what Reyvateil is accessing it is by their Hymn Code.
It goes [NAME]_[RANK]_[TOWER]
My Tower would be Sol Hymme, the Tower of Manifesting Song.
the rank of an admin is ANSUL
Taken just by what I said earlier, "Fulya, who has seen too much, she of manifesting song"
A very long way to say that this blog is what I think has gone wrong with the world, and that I love singing.

I will update at least once a week with a song, and hopefully once a week with another post.

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